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I went with Austin earlier this month to breakfast with my family at Wild Eggs, and then Austin and I took off to the Flea Off Market. We walked around under the hot, summer sun, taking our time to see what the market had for the month. I am still thinking about the watermelon pop (a fruity popsicle made with watermelon and lime juice, water, and organic cane sugar) that I got at Steel City Pops. We picked up a copy of Leo Weekly at breakfast and found that another market was taking place on that same day, so we decided to check it out after the Flea Off Market. Our next stop was Made Market, and it was located at The Pointe in Butchertown. This location was absolutely gorgeous, and it was equipped with high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors (in some spaces), and a complete industrial vibe that I absolutely love when it comes to interior design. It's the perfect event space (I would honestly get married here), and it was decked out with booths from a number of local creatives. T…

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