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Independence Day

I spent the fourth of July with Richard and his family. He went with his brother-in-law to Indiana for our firework loot. It seemed like we were in competition with the neighbors down the street because they would set off a firework as soon as we finished up with one. I think last year was much better, however, because Richard, his brother David, and my friend Adam set off a big pile of firecrackers. It was intense, and I am so glad that I got a video of it. Regardless, it was a day well spent, but I think that can always be said when fireworks are involved.

Derby City Comic Con

I had the pleasure of taking photos at Derby City Comic Con last weekend for I teamed up with Jenna Foster to get a visual of the entire scene. She wrote an article about the con on the website. This was my first ever con, so I was so excited to attend. I had the full weekend to visit, so I went with Richard on Saturday, and then I took my sister on Sunday. There were so many awesome vendors, such as