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Downtown New Albany

Richard and I had used one of our free hotel room vouchers that we got from Horseshoe at the end of July. We tried to come up with something to do in Indiana the following afternoon once we checked out of our hotel. It was the beginning of August, and the weather was absolutely perfect for spending the day outdoors. I looked up a few restaurants for us to grab lunch, and I picked Toast on Market in Downtown New Albany since we had both never been.
Richard ordered toast, eggs, and bacon, and I had the meatloaf sandwich with tomato soup. The soup was zesty, and the sandwich was prepared with meatloaf, cayenne aioli, grilled onions, and tomato slices. It was such an amazing lunch. I really want to go back as soon as possible. I think that happens after every delicious meal at a new restaurant. I have this problem where I always want to try something different, and then my foodie list continuously grows with restaurants that I have to go back to. I guess that is not such a bad thing after …


Richard and I went to Nashville at the end of July during our week of vacation. He had never been, but I insisted that it was a great place to visit. It is truly one of my favorite cities for so many reasons. For instance, I have always been enamored by the fact that you can find music on every corner. It could be someone doing karaoke in a bar, a street performer trying to earn a buck, or some good tunes blaring from the bars down near Broadway. It is not that far from home either, so we made the drive to Tennessee and spent the day there.
Our first stop was at a restaurant called Burger Up. It is a local joint down on 12th Avenue South. All of the ingredients come from surrounding farms, and the beef is sourced from a local ranch. I must say that I applaud their selections because I think I had the best burger of my life here. It was called Woodstock, and it was served with Benton's bacon, Tennessee sweetwater white cheddar, and a Jack Daniel's maple ketchup. I also ordered tr…