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Out and About with Jamie

I went out to dinner tonight with my good friend Jamie. I really haven't taken the time to get out of the house lately, so it was a night that I definitely needed. We went to Oxmoor Mall and ate at Yang Kee Noodle. The honey bourbon chicken is pretty dang good, by the way.
Jamie happens to work in the Macy's at Oxmoor Mall, and she told me about a store that recently opened called Altar'd State. She said that it was pretty similar to Anthropologie, which is one of my favorite stores, so we just had to check it out.
The store did not disappoint. The only downside was the fact that I was broke, so we just walked around and looked at everything. I feel like this place is going to be bad for my wallet once I finally have some money in it.
We also stopped in at Macy's so Jamie could purchase a pair of pants for her grandfather. She wanted to look for a new purse, too, and she was successful in finding a cute one on clearance! The funny part of the night came when she was flirt…

Seth's Christmas Recital

My little brother, Seth, had his first Christmas recital last Thursday. The event was broken into three different parts: kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade, and then fourth and fifth grade. The children sang a variety of Christmas songs, including Jingle Bell Rock, White Christmas, and Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.

It was a proud moment for the entire family, and my mom cried. I cried, too, but it was tears of happiness. Seth has autism and some pretty severe sensory issues, but overtime he has adapted. The whole family could barely sing Happy Birthday to him a few years ago, but I think that his teacher and teaching assistants have shaped him into a student that has exceeded those issues. I mean, the entire room was full to the brim. Many people had to stand because every available seat was occupied. The entire room would erupt in applause after each song, and Seth would just clap with them. It didn't even phase him. Of course, watching him sing was even…