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Civil Twilight at Headliners Music Hall

I bought tickets for my mom as a Christmas present to see Civil Twilight at Headliners Music Hall last weekend. My dad came with us and I actually got to buy him a drink. It was a totally new experience for me, and I enjoyed every bit of it...although my dad said that his vodka cranberry tasted like rubbing alcohol. I guess the bartender used cheap vodka. I probably should have picked something different anyways considering my dad likes his whiskey. He suggested a Jack and Coke on the next round, but we never got around to it because of the show.
I saw Civil Twilight with my mom back in 2011 at the same venue, so I just had to buy tickets when I heard that they were coming back. We discovered a band when we last saw them called A Silent Film, but this time around, we were in awe over a different group known as Knox Hamilton.

Knox Hamilton is one of those alternative bands that can get your feet moving. Their current single, "Work it Out" is my favorite song from them at the mo…