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Brittney's Graduation

My little sister graduated from high school in June. I graduated from the same school in 2009, so it was nice to go back and watch my sister go through such a huge experience. Our mom, dad, brother, and aunt attended, and our grandparents even came up from Florida for the big day. All I could think about was my graduation day from six years prior. I was so nervous when my name was called to receive my diploma. I cried like a baby after the ceremony was over, too. I guess that is just expected at any graduation though. I think it is the fear of change and the fact that you may never see people from your graduating class again. You spend four years with everyone, and then you go off in the world on your own separate paths. Brittney didn't seem so sad on her graduation day. I think she was a little eager to leave high school. She didn't even attend her senior prom, or any prom for that matter. I wouldn't say high school was bad for her, but I think she was just ready for a ch…

Brittney's 18th Birthday

My sister turned eighteen on the 7th. I talked to a friend of mine prior to her birthday, and I told them about how I had this sadness because she was turning eighteen. I think I just felt that way because the moment crept up on everyone. I never thought that the years would fly by like they did, but suddenly, Brittney was turning eighteen, and I felt sad about it. My friend laughed and said that maybe I didn't feel sad because of her turning eighteen, but rather, I felt sad because I was getting older. That sounds about right. Brittney's birthday celebration began at Sake Blue, a Japanese bistro. We had copious amounts of sushi and chicken fried rice. The sushi is excellent. The birthday girl had the 502 Special, a roll stuffed with deep fried lobster, crab, asparagus, and avocado. It had this savory sauce baked on top as well. Mom had the John Wayne and the Cha-Cha. The Cha-Cha was so good, but that's probably because the entire thing was deep fried. I mean, anything that…


I went out with my best friend Jamie and her boyfriend Will a couple weekends ago. We grabbed drinks at our usual spot, the Highlands Tap Room, smoked hookah at Friends, and then I went back to their apartment to crash on their couch. We took goofy pictures, of course. Oh, and Jamie jumped on Will's back for a piggyback ride that didn't exactly work out so well, but it looks like she's just giving him a big hug. They are so cute together.
I spent last week with Kelsey. She was house sitting for one of our former co-workers, and she wanted me to stay over so she wouldn't be in his house alone. He had the sweetest pup named Buddy. This dog became my new best friend, and he quickly grew attached to me. We took a few naps together on the couch, and he suddenly became my shadow. I mean, Buddy followed me everywhere! I will definitely have to go back and visit him.
I wish that I could get paid to do laundry around my house because there is always so much of it. I have taken on…

Seth's Graduation

My little brother, Seth, graduated from elementary school back in June. Families gathered around the stage located in the cafeteria to watch their children accept their awards. We were in this same location several months before this moment for Seth's Christmas Recital. It was such an overwhelming day because this was the final step in Seth's transition from elementary to middle school. Needless to say, the whole family was pretty emotional. The kids filed in the room, and all of the 5th graders took the stage to sing Braveby Sara Bareilles.
The kids were called up after a few announcements from the teachers and the principal. A few students were recognized with personal awards as well. The 5th graders walked across the stage one by one, shaking hands, accepting their certificate, and smiling the widest grins. I captured a video of Seth as he made his way across.He was so ecstatic to receive his "diploma." A video played over the projector after the ceremony ended. It…