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I went to Game back in July with Austin. He had a bison burger, and I ordered a walnut quinoa veggie burger, which was served with brie, smoked apple chutney, curry mayo, and fresh greens. There's actually a pretty funny GIF that Austin captured of me taking this picture. It was one of those date nights where we went to dinner, and then we ventured over to Bardstown Road to go on a Pok√©mon Go adventure. The servers crashed shortly after we started, so we popped in at Flanagan's for a flight, and then we sat out on their patio. Sitting and talking under twinkling lights has been our thing since the very beginning. We had also started a "Let's go get a drink" outing that would take place every so often at Back Door. It would usually happen after work if we both got off around the same time. We would meet, unwind with a pitcher of beer, and order an appetizer. A reviewer of the joint has even said that it's "one of Louisville's favorite after-work, meet-…