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My sister has wanted a facial piercing for quite some time. She finally had some extra money to spend near the end of March, so my mom and I went with her to a local Tattoo Charlie's to get the job done. She got a septum piercing for only $35. I had to stand at the door of the room that my sister was in during her piercing with our mom, and we were both recording the whole process. You could easily tell when the needle went in because Brittney squeezed her eyes shut, and then they started watering. She didn't cry or make a sound though. Later, she just described it as a popping sensation. Anyways, it turned out very well, and she claims that it has upped her selfie game. Oh, and if you are wondering about her bright and bold eyeshadow, she is wearing the Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette on her lid (the shade is called Thrash); she also played around with the Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection from Too Faced in her crease. She's definitely a beauty guru, but she…

The Ohio, Antique Stores, and Clifty Falls in Madison

I went with Austin back in February to Madison, Indiana for a little adventure. It was a little over an hour away, and we had a lot planned for the day. Austin wanted to go on a hike, and he knew about the trails and waterfalls at Clifty Falls State Park. It was a cool and cloudy day, so it was definitely the perfect weather for a hike. We arrived and parked on the main road of the historic district of Madison. There's a lot to see here, so we walked around for a little while, popping in and out of antique stores (my favorite was Gold-N-Treasures), and seeing what all the town had to offer. We also went down by the Ohio River because it was only a few blocks away. Afterwards, we drove down to Clifty Falls, parked, did a few stretches, and then we started our hike. We took trail three, which was one mile long and described as "rugged." Here's a description of that trail: "Starts at park road just south of Poplar Grove. Long grade descends to midcanyon, then follo…