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On a cloudy day at the beginning of April, Austin and I went downtown to take a walk across the Big Four Bridge. We would stop every now and then to take photos and create time lapses. The length of the bridge is a mile, so little breaks are necessary every now and then, especially when the view is such a good one. It's really strange because I have this fear with bridges, too. I worry that they will collapse, and I think that's just because I have seen too many disaster movies where that happens over water. I mean, I actually have a life jacket in my car and a device to break glass or cut my seat belt in case something like that happens to me (although I would have to survive the fall first)... this is getting dark now, so... moving on... Anyways, walking the bridge has always been a fun experience. I face my fears just to do it because it's so fun to literally walk over water to another state (even if it is Indiana). Jeffersonville, or the spot where the bridge ends once…