I am so hopeful for a lot of things lately, but I am also hesitant about that feeling, too. Do you ever reflect on things and think that it's all just too good to be true? It's like I am waiting for something to go wrong because things just don't naturally go well all the time. Let me break this down to be more specific about this confusion. I didn't know if I wanted to go back to school or not to finish my degree, yet I have an appointment on August 2nd to meet with an advisor and register for classes. I kept telling myself that school was what I wanted (because I truly wanted to go back), and now I am making steps to go back, and I should be a student again in August. I was having doubts about my job because I just felt burnt out. It was the same thing every day, and I just felt like I was in one of those montages that almost mimic the plot of Groundhog Day. I started picking up new accounts, got more training, and then I had a quarterly review for my progress as an employee. It was my first one, and I was so nervous about it. I sat with my boss in his office, and he went through a list of different categories, giving me a score on each one relating to my quality. My nerves were quickly put at ease because he told me that I exceeded expectations on each section. Afterwards, we had a conversation about my place in the company, and he asked me if I wanted to pursue management positions. What? How? I have only been there since January. I am sticking to the position that I have now, but he did let me know that my work ethic was fitting for a higher position if I ever wanted to pursue one. I feel like my family is doing well, and my relationship with Austin is, too. It's just nice, and maybe I shouldn't talk about these things because that's just setting it up for disaster, but that's my point exactly. It's all sunshine and rainbows right now, but I am waiting for the storm to come.

Aside from my anxiety, I have been trying to live more positively. I have been reading a number of articles and blog posts about minimalism, and I am totally fascinated with the concept. I have donated so many things over the past few years, or I will try to sell what I can to make an extra buck. It just feels good to make space in a way that's not going to produce a lot of waste. I try to encourage my family to think the same way as well whenever we clean up around the house. For instance, I am helping my sister go through her things in her bedroom today. I imagine we will be making a trip to donate some things after that. I have been learning to let other things go, too. Friendships and relationships that were toxic came to an end. I unblocked people on social media who are no longer in my life. I have been writing in my spare time to get things out. These are all such small and easy things to do, but they have helped me significantly.

I have been watching a number of television shows all at once. Sex and the City has been one of my favorites here lately. I went to New York with Austin last month, and I have been watching to see if I can find any familiar spots on the show. One of the best spots that I got to visit from the show was Carrie Bradshaw's apartment at 64 Perry Street, of course. I will share my New York stuff soon. I am proud to say that I have a photo of the building to share (and so much more)! Austin hasn't seen all of the Harry Potter films (yeah... I was shocked, too), so we have been watching them whenever I come over. We're watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this weekend, and I am sad that we have made it to the end. Harry Potter was such a big part of my childhood, so I have loved sharing this all with him. The final movie night will be extra special because we're making butterbeer! I haven't tried the recipe that we have, but if it's really good, then I will definitely share it. Oh, and I cannot forget about the return of Game of Thrones. That season premiere was everything (#winterishere). Anyways, as for music, I am definitely loving Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. I feel like just about every song on the album is something that I can relate to. It's different from Badlands, too, but it's a good kind of different. I love it so much.

I am going with my family, Austin, and Sierra this weekend to an aquarium. I am definitely looking forward to a little day trip with all of them. Plus, I have the last Harry Potter films to watch with Austin and butterbeer to make. We're going to a bakery that we haven't been to before, too. I am so glad that he's always up for trying new things like I am. It has made for some great stories so far. Speaking of great stories, I have enjoyed reading this series on simple living; this post reminded me of my sleeping habits; this post made me think of all the hilarious things that people (myself included) do to get a photo; and this post (and this one, too) reminded me about adulthood and the way that people approach it (and it even made me think back to my teenage years and how "easy" I thought adulthood would be). Life has been messy for sure, but for now, I am remaining positive and only hoping for the best.

That's what's happening lately.