I went with Austin one afternoon in the middle of June to Vint on Frankfort Avenue for some vacation planning. We went through city guides and gathered places to go and things to see for our trip to New York. We have taken that trip already, and I hope to be sharing posts from our travels this week. Anyways, I have grown to love Vint so much. I know I have mentioned Sunergos on here before as my go-to place, but there might just be some competition. I like the atmosphere and location of both, and the coffee is definitely a plus. Sunergos sticks to indie music, and Vint has a classic rock side (think of sitting there on your laptop with an iced latte while Fleetwood Mac is playing softly overhead). Oh, and they have cool furniture, a nice outdoor patio, and they even sell beer and wine. I have went by myself to write, with Austin on this day to plan, and I have also taken my sister on a little coffee date. I am a big fan for sure, and I know that I have many more visits to look forward to. Also, I tweeted this photo, and someone from Vint contacted me to ask if they could share it to social media, so you can find my photo on Vint's Instagram right here. I might have fangirled just a bit...

I went with Austin later that day to Mirin for lunch. This is another spot I have mentioned on here before, and I feel like it gets better and better each time we go. It was a beautiful day on Frankfort Avenue, so we parked the car and walked a short distance for some ramen. We both decided on the shoyu ramen, or ramen with roasted chicken, shoyu egg, seasonal veggies, potlikker, nori, and lotus root. Oh, and we started off with some pork bao. It was served on the fluffiest bun, topped with delicious pork belly, cucumber, sakura cheese, and a tangy slaw. I think we might just make our way through the entire menu one day.

Austin and I went kayaking at the Parklands of Floyds Fork the week after our trip to New York. It was our way of getting back into nature after being in the big city. We rented from Blue Moon Canoe & Kayak of Kentucky who just so happened to be on site when we arrived. It was all so convenient. We filled out a form, paid for the excursion, and then we suited up with life jackets, and climbed in our kayaks. We took the Beckley Creek Park route, and here's a short description: "When the water level along the Floyds Fork is right, it is a great place for families and individuals to canoe and kayak. In Beckley Creek Park there are two paddling accesses about a mile apart. With the appropriate water level, a paddle from North Beckley to Creekside should take about 1 to 1.5 hours. This is an idea paddle for an after-work adventure or for school trips." Creekside is an area that's said to be an "oasis" with limestone steps where you can get a view of Floyds Fork. We didn't get out to see that view, but we definitely had a lot to see on our journey.

We thought our time on the creek would be calm because there was hardly any movement on the water when we started. However, we eventually found some small rapids, and then there were many parts where the water levels were too low. So, if we weren't losing control of our kayaks (that didn't happen to Austin... I was the only one who lost control...), then we were trying our best to scoot ourselves and our kayaks over slabs of rocks. And yes, I did lose control. I went into one rapid too fast, and I got caught in the current and ran into a few tree branches. No big deal. Oh, and we had sunburn from our time in New York, so we got double sunburn out on the water. Besides the sunburn, the rapids, and the tree branch debacle, the calmness on the water was so peaceful. Everything was so still, and there was no need to use our paddles, so we just took a break in between the roughness and relaxed under the sunshine.

I went with my family and Austin last weekend for breakfast at Wild Eggs. I have been trying to get Austin together with my family more often, so this was just one of those things. We also wanted a yummy breakfast, too, and Wild Eggs will always be the perfect place for that. Let's talk about this food really quick though. Starting at the center and going clockwise, I had the Bennies Gone Wild (wild mushrooms, toasted English muffin, grilled tomatoes, poached eggs, roasted tomato hollandaise, balsamic reduction, smoked paprika), Austin had the Lox and Bagel Bennie (smoked salmon, toasted mini bagel, poached eggs, cream cheese, fresh hollandaise, capers, chopped onions, diced tomatoes, and smoked paprika), my mom ordered her favorite dish, the Surfer Girl (fresh spinach, wild mushrooms, tomatoes, cream cheese, onions, topped with diced avocado, pico de gallo, sour cream, and alfalfa sprouts), my sister had the Wild Chicken and Waffle (a seasoned chicken infused waffle, Nashville hot chicken breast, chopped bacon, and buttermilk maple syrup), and my brother kept it simple and had some fluffy pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon. If your mouth isn't watering yet, then maybe some other items on the menu will do the trick. Anyways, it was so nice to just sit and have breakfast together. Wild Eggs will never disappoint as far as I am concerned. And spending time together is always nice, too, of course.

These are my moments.