I went with Austin earlier this month to breakfast with my family at Wild Eggs, and then Austin and I took off to the Flea Off Market. We walked around under the hot, summer sun, taking our time to see what the market had for the month. I am still thinking about the watermelon pop (a fruity popsicle made with watermelon and lime juice, water, and organic cane sugar) that I got at Steel City Pops. We picked up a copy of Leo Weekly at breakfast and found that another market was taking place on that same day, so we decided to check it out after the Flea Off Market. Our next stop was Made Market, and it was located at The Pointe in Butchertown. This location was absolutely gorgeous, and it was equipped with high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors (in some spaces), and a complete industrial vibe that I absolutely love when it comes to interior design. It's the perfect event space (I would honestly get married here), and it was decked out with booths from a number of local creatives. This market hasn't been going on for long either (the founders started in early 2016), but I am so glad that it exists. My absolute favorite maker was Joanna Dee Studio with her quirky art prints, and Austin saw a few familiar faces because he has friends who run Aroh Co. and Clayton & Crume. I think we will have to make this a regular thing like the Flea Off Market.

Last month, Quills announced that they would be opening a new location on East Main Street in NuLu. A few weeks later, Austin and I left Made Market and passed by, so he found a parking spot, and we got to go. I was craving tea since we had coffee earlier that morning. I think (because my memory is a little foggy on this) we had the iced black summer lemon tea, and I added some of their simple syrup as well for more sweetness. It's definitely a tasty summer beverage for sure. If you're not sitting outside though with this "summer" drink, then this new location is a great space to enjoy it, too. It's an old firehouse that was built in 1897, and it has that industrial design that reminded me of The Pointe. I hope to return, but I definitely want coffee and brunch next time.

I went with Austin last weekend to Blue Dog Bakery and Café for brunch. We had never been before, and this was one of those businesses that I had been stalking on Instagram for quite some time, too. I don't remember how I found them, but I have been looking at photos of macarons, pastries, and artisan breads ever since. I got to see those things in the bakery when we arrived, too, and they were so much better in person. The door that you walk into leads right into the bakery, and there were baskets of bread, stacks of cookies, and a case full of pastries. The café is next to it, and it serves as the dining area, and there is outdoor seating as well.

Austin and I ordered the same thing, which was a daily special of an orange-flavored French toast. The taste of the orange was subtle, and it went perfectly with the powdered sugar and syrup. Austin got fresh fruit, but I stuck with bacon on the side. We also had caramel lattes, so our brunch was definitely on the sweeter side that morning. We even had blackberry lemon macarons afterwards! It was delicious though, and I would say that we had a wonderful first visit. I am looking forward to returning for lunch in the near future. I mean, the menu has a pretty great selection of sandwiches and salads that I would love to try, so we will definitely come back again. I cannot forget the macarons next time, too!

I finally finished the Harry Potter films with Austin last weekend, and we made butterbeers just for the occasion. We used a recipe that called for cream soda, caramel extract, butter extract, heavy whipping cream, butterscotch topping, and powdered sugar. It was said to be pretty authentic to the version that is served at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando. Austin had Creme Soda from Boylan Bottling Co. (which is some of the best that I have ever had) to prepare our beverages, and we had almost every ingredient, but we couldn't find the caramel extract anywhere. We used a small amount of the butter extract just for the flavor, and the cream topping turned out so well that I wanted to eat it on its own. Overall, I think I can now say that I know why everyone loved butterbeer so much in Harry Potter. I get it. I really do. I want to make the drink more often. It was so nice to sit and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows together with our drinks. I was sad about it because I didn't want it to end (I always feel that way when I re-watch the films), but it was great for Austin to finally see the entire series. Plus, he surprised me with a few boxes of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, and I couldn't eat too many because some of them were just too gross (and I thought about this scene, too). Anyways, Austin really liked the films, and he thought the saddest part was when Hermione had to use "Obliviate" on her parents. I just thought the saddest part was finishing all of them once again (I just want to read the books now)!

I took my sister out last week for an early birthday celebration. She will be back in Murray when her actual birthday occurs, so I wanted to dedicate a day entirely to her since I won't get to later. We went to see Dunkirk in IMAX first, and Christopher Nolan definitely delivered. The film was incredible, and it portrayed a moment in history that was nothing short of being historically accurate. Brittney wanted to see it for the film debut of Harry Styles because she was a huge One Direction fan once upon a time, and she has always been fond of Harry most of all. I imagine this film will take home a lot of awards once that time comes. Also, I cannot recommend enough seeing it in IMAX for the jumbo screen, the sound quality, and just the overall experience. It made seeing this World War II film so much better for the two of us.

We went to lunch after the movie, and Brittney chose Buca di Beppo because I had talked about it so much before. I think it's just the family atmosphere of it all, and the tacky decor all over the walls (that I absolutely love), and the food is really good, too. Everything is served family-style, so each entree is meant to be shared with the whole table. It was just the two of us though, but we definitely had an appetite. We had the mozzarella garlic bread and baked ziti, which was prepared with mozzarella, provolone, rosa sauce, ricotta, and Italian-style bread crumbs. There was plenty to go around for sure, and we definitely went for seconds after our first plate. Also, the hostess sat a stand on our table when we were seated, and it was an obnoxiously large pointing hand with the words "Happy Birthday to you" on it. She pointed it right at Brittney, and I just laughed at her. I wasn't mean the entire time though... I actually spared her from the embarrassing birthday song from the crew.

These are my moments.